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The Winning Senate Seat Plan

TARGET your supporters and the competition’s. Correctly

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Rough Online Political Campaign For Senate Race


Target your supporters, and target the competition’s, it’s not just about you getting votes but it’s about taking votes away from the other candidates!!!



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Remember that speaking to people and saying to them that they are intelligent, gorgeous or completely right has been a staple of marketing in politics.  Speaking to them otherwise is commonly the quickest, and easiest approach in pushing away votes, the Internet is the quickest way to gain votes as well as the quickest way to lose votes.  You must attempt to appease your target audience, that age range of 18-35, as well as paint the other candidate’s words as an allegation that the target demographic is not intelligent, gorgeous, and etc.  Discredit the competition and show the voters of democrats, republicans, and independents your motivation and heroism.  Just as products are sold with celebrity, politics can be planned tactically with ideals and celebrities.


Some New Online Techniques For Senate Election Campaigns



Some Aspects On Implementation


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Remember winning doesn’t come easy, pay attention to what you say, what you don’t say, and how you say it or how you don’t say it.  LET ME HELP YOU WIN, as I was very influential in designing the strategy against Mayor Bloomberg’s budget cuts initiative not passing the city council vote in New York City.

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