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This proposal is designed to focus only on the ideas of search engine optimization aspects for the site.


From my understanding the site has approximately 18 main pages total and various sub categories and product pages.


After reviewing the site its source and some research tools I have made these recommendations in a logical and systematic order of operation.


According to the research site listed above the title relevancy is at 100% but from reviewing the title tags they are very minimal and basic, as currently they aren’t hurting the site but yet they aren’t helping, as we need to increase and you the maximum character limit.


The description relevancy is listed at 100% but again like the title tags the use of this to the full extent is not be acted on as well as the tags are the same for each page, we need to make each page unique.


Your keyword tags are at 58% on your site because you have every page with the same words and you have pages in which these keywords are completely irrelevant to that particular page. Another thing is you are only using about a small fraction of what you could be using, you have 75% more character space to fill which means creating more possible ways for someone to land on your site.


Your overall seo score is listed at 75%, which is because of what I have mentioned about as well as some of the distribution, indexing, and robots tags are not present as well. I feel that these issues would be a focus point in the increase of your site traffic.


Pages of interest in order of operation stage 1


-Home page both the front and back end

-18 main pages both the front and back end

-Each and Every URL submitted to BING, YAHOO, and GOOGLE


1. Create and implement Meta tags and eliminate what is not needed or acts as spam to the search engine robots as the current structure of tags that I have noticed are not consistent, as some are empty and placed onto your sites either incorrectly and are irrelevant tags. Missing indexing and robot tags and keyword and title tags which are not used to the full extent basically non-existent on your site.


2. For each page on the sites creating additional content based upon the content that currently exists on the front end for those pages altering these tags to optimize your traffic will be completed.


< Title>< /Title>

< Meta name="DESCRIPTION" Content=""

< Meta name="KEYWORDS" Content=""

< Meta Name="Googlebot" content=""

< Meta Name="Robots" content=""

< Meta name="revisit-after" content=""

< Meta name="distribution" content=""


3. The use of keywords in the Meta titles, Meta descriptions, and the Meta keyword tags will be based upon evaluating words and phrases which are statistically searched more frequently by clients, competitor analysis of keywords and phrases by your top 5 competitors, and speculative approach of words and phrases within your industry as well as specific industry sub categories.


4. Making sure that the back end of each page mirrors the front end of that page. We want to have the keywords and phrases that we use with the Meta tags to appear on the front end. I will make minor recommendations on where a word or phrase should be inserted on the front end and altering content on these sub-categories only if necessary.


5. Making sure that we cross promote all of your pages with one another is necessary and will be done in a subtle fashion.

*Rough idea based on 18 pages but some pages you may not want to do like the shipping info page (5 hours research, 18 hours back end, and 13 hours front end)

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