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Modern Senate Campaign Strategy

The Winning Senate Seat Plan

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Modern Senate Campaign Strategy

The Winning Senate Seat Plan

(Important notice I will not work with more than one senatorial candidate per state as that is a conflict of interest) 


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I have looked at literally all 200 senate candidates running for the available senate seats that are up for election; their websites, facebook, twitter, and other related online assets like video and photo sharing sites; from my analysis a majority of the running senate candidates seem to be performing the same cookie cutter tactics that does not leverage your strategy for a competitive advantage, just levels competition. 


The candidates with nice looking sites even seem to be using the same designer as those sites seem to all have the same Wordpress templates, but the ones with bad sites well those sites are pretty much useless.  The online strategy is not just to have a site or have social media setup, but to use those online assets as tools and to use the tools correctly to reach voters and market you in the most cost effective route.


Your online campaign is the most effective approach that you will have in this senate campaign, and unless you are running for reelection, the majority of voters have no idea whom you are, and you can’t win this senate election based upon the retired community, you must target the 18-35 year olds, whom are digesting a greater part of their political information and news from the online world.  The good part about this is that none of your competitors are doing jack about this either. 


Sending out a tweet here and there isn’t the answer, as this lazy type approach will never ever reach the 18 to 35 age demographic, you must have a full on SEO (search engine optimization) plan.  I have noticed that some senate candidates are spending money on google adwords, which in my opinion is a waste of money as you should not be spending ad money for your name online, as your site should rank in the top five organically and that is what SEO is.  


Before I go into the rough concepts of SEO that should be utilized for your senate election campaign, I have a few more important issues that I must voice regardless if you are Republican, Democrat or Independent.  Obtaining web traffic is one thing, but if you have the wrong campaign message or give potential voters reasons not to vote for you; SEO and your campaign becomes a waste of energy, as sometimes you have to hold back on saying everything.  The goal is to win your senate seat, and sometimes the little details can and will alienate people, so let’s focus on the win.

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